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Based on the knowledge that we’ve developed from more than a quarter of century of IT experience, we can provide the optimal solution to run your business.


Ryoka Systems Inc. was established in 1970 to provide and support Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation (currently Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) with information processing systems. Based on the technology and the knowledge acquired through developments and operations of business management systems, we have expanded our business support activities beyond the area of management systems to the planning of corporate IT strategy.

Corporate Advantages

The system development and operation know-how amassed over more than a quarter of a century is also actively utilized by many enterprises outside the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) group. We are also receiving a good reputation from our customers as the "outsourcer of choice" for their computer systems.

Solution Provider

As a System Integrator, Ryoka Systems Inc. utilized its expertise and resources to provide an optimum solution, including client server systems, which fully satisfied all of our customer's needs.

Solution Provider

■ Computational Science & Technology Services

In the field of computational science and technology services, RSI provides state- of-the-art computer application technology through partnerships with overseas enterprises that are at the leading edge of technology. We offer powerful support for "the efficient

management" of R&D. [ More Information ]

Our Business