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Molecular Simulation Software for Life Science Molecular Simulation Software for Material Science

Integrated Computational Chemistry System "MOE"
A de facto standard software package addressing the needs of today's research disciplines including bioinformatics, cheminformatics, protein modeling, structure-based design, high throughput discovery and molecular modeling and simulations.
Target Protein Mining System Based on Molecular Surface Analysis "MED-SuMo"
MED-SuMo exploits the target proteins that have the similar binding sites with detecting the similarities in the surface of molecules at PDB scale.
In Silico Drug Discovery Tools "BioSolveIT Software"
BioSolveIT tools for docking simulation, fragment-based design, binding assessment, fuzzy similarity searching and high quality molecular alignments assist researchers in their drug-discovery and target validation projects.
ADME/Tox Properties Prediction Software "MolCode ToolBox"
Software package to predict ADME/Tox properties, environmental pathway, side effect, etc. based on published QSAR model.
Chemical Data Visualization and Analysis Software "CIMPL"
Easy-to-use software for Medicinal Chemists to analyze chemical library and SAR.

Solid State Simulation Software "MedeA"
An integrated software package with experimental databases, ab initio simulation programs, and analysis tools for investigating solid state materials.
Molecular Modeling Environment for Material Science "SciMAPS"
A flexible and customizable software package to easily build and study models of molecular structures, using the best simulation technology appropriate for your R&D questions.
Multi Scale Simulatior for Soft Matter Research "CULGI"
A integrated modeling environment with advanced simulation algorithms which cover a broad range of length and time scales.
Thermodynamics Properties Prediction Software

A software to quantitatively predict thermodynamics properties such as solubility and vapor pressure based on quantum chemistry and COSMO-RS method.
Accurate Force Field and Its Development Tools
"Direct Force Field"

A software to support accurate molecular simulation which provides high quality ab initio force field parameters along with tools for on-demand parameter generation.
Quantum Chemistry and Physics Software
"ADF", "BAND", "Gaussian09/GaussView", "Molpro", "TURBOMOLE", "MOPAC2012", "PQS ab initio program"

Selected Quantum Chemistry/Physics software package to support widely extended R&D targets.
Technical Computing Platform Software for Chemical Engineering

Mathematica is the only development platform for technical computing. It offers powerful visualization tools, symbolic computation capabilities, a wide range of mathematical libraries and built-in data, and more. These features facilitate the application development in the fields that need technical computing.

Software for Solving Complex Chemical Kinetics Problems "CHEMKIN-PRO"
CHEMKIN-PRO is a powerful set of software tools for solving complex chemical kinetics problems based on elementary reactions.

Data Management and Analysis System

Chemical Information Systems "Daylight"
Powerful toolkits, programs and database packages to build scalable and flexible cheminformatics system.
Research Information Management System for Drug Discovery "CBIS"
A web-based system to manage and utilize all kinds of research information for drug discovery.
Protein Structure Database System "PSILO"
A web-based database system that provides an easily accessible, consolidated repository for macromolecular and protein-ligand structural information.
The most complete start-to-finish next generation sequencing and microarray analysis solution "Partek family of genomics software"
Partek Genomics Suite is a single analysis solution for integrated genomics, which provides comprehensive support for microarrays and next generation sequencing.
Cloud-based Laboratory Information Sharing Service "CLISS"
CLISS is cloud-based information sharing service designed for managing research reports of university and company labs. Report and related files can be managed collectively and the document files are searchable on this service. We promise to promote the efficiency of your research work with CLISS.
Informatics Software for Drug Discovery "Dotmatics"
Dotmatics is comprehensive solutions include tools for knowledge management, data storage, enterprise querying and reporting, and data analysis and visualisation. Agile development guarantees a state-of-the-art high quality technology platform that adapts to the ever changing needs of our customers.
Cloud-based Research Information Sharing System for Drug Discovery "CDD Vault"
CDD Vault is a hosted database solution for secure management and sharing of chemical and biological data. It lets you intuitively organize chemical structures and biological study data, and collaborate with internal or external partners through an easy to use web interface.

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